17 thoughts on “Homepage

  1. Your blog is beautiful, such amazing photography!! 😍 please carry on to make the Internet a little bit of beautiful 💘💕💞😍😘

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  2. Love your blog, (this is for the giveaway) Maybe you should do reviews on makeup or make a YouTube channel (or a video for your blog) xx Keep up the good work gurll xox Freya freyaaaab on Instagram 💟


    1. Thank you Freya! Have you followed the blog so that you know wether you have won and can keep up to date as well as read all of my blogs via email? X


  3. I love reading your blogs! they’re so different to everyone else’s and I think you are an amazing writer too! your photography is like as professional as it gets and your beautiful asf❤️ maybe you should write about how you train for running? or write a day in the life of me? xx


  4. Sad I missed you giveaway 😖 but again I love your blog! And your Corsica blog is amazing wish I could take photos like you 😍 love Emma xxxxx


  5. Thats OK Emma! I have left the giveaway for a bit longer because I dont have many entires. If you want or could- would you be able to tell friends about the giveaway?

    Hope xxx


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