Colour Conference// Trip & Experience

Faith, Trips

Colour Conference this year has been mind blowing, cherishing and encouraging. It was astonishing to see Wembely completely full of women gathering to praise the Lord and all ready to change the world together.

TBobbie Houston and guest speakes had said about changing the world and making lives better and give people hope.

I then had decided that I need to do something about changing humanity and were inspired by the amazing women of God.
Its has given me a mind set of why we are all here, for a purpose and that God has an amzing destiny for me and you!
Even though you may not know it and are in the worst parts of your life and are coming to the end of your rope. Remember Gods plan for you is far greater.
And if you may not know who you are in God or want to do something and someon else gets chosen, trust God without borders because he has a specific plan in His own, perfect timing for you. You will be called to do something great and purposful and only you will be able to fufill that purpose.
God has a promise. Hold onto it! Do not loose hope, but have faith. Even if it is a slow burn. God will work it out and will work through your situation.
God is not late, He goes in His own perfect time at the right time. And during that you may face curcumstances and not know what to do, but relax in Him knowing he has complete control and let Him work through your life and at the end, there will be the most magnificent rainbow!
During then, waiting for that rainbow, live: outwardly, worshipingly and peacefully!
let all things go that are troubling you, frustrating you and be peaceful!
You are going through a beautiful journey and birth faith, be the face of the generation. We are the sisterhood, a fearless generation, caused to change lives for Jeus and make the world a better place!
Talking of helping make the world a better place, I want to make high tea/ bake sale afternoon to ensure that Girls in Africa can stay in school. They get excluded from school because they have no sanitary products and are not clean. So just by raising money, it will provide girls with the sanitary products they need and can still get an education. It sounds really simple, but it creates a massive impact!
If anyone is interested in helping me make that happen, please talk to me- lets make the world a better place!
I really hope that these words I have wrote will be encouraging.
God bless,
Hope xxx

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