Beauty Haul


Firstly, Blusher Tube- Clinique

I literally use this blusher all the time! It is such a soft pink and adds a lovely flow to my face. Defiantly one of my favourites!


Then I have: Powder Foundation- Bare Minerals

haul7This Bare Minerals powder is a beautiful, soft and light powder. It covers flaws, yet still looks completely natural.

Next there is: Brush- Bare Minerals


This is a big brush and is so soft on my skin. It is great quality and use it for my powder and blusher.
I have next: Eyeshadow palette- Clinique
 This is a beautiful palette- I use this for every-day use and the colours are so natural look. I love natural palettes because I think they enhance my eyes.
To top of the eyes I have: Mascara- Clinique

I literally LOVE this mascara! It is such an amazing mascara and lasts forever. It makes my eyelashes twice as long- great buy!

And sometimes if I am feeling adventurous I may wear: Eye Liner- The Natural Collection
This is a very liquidy and easy-using eyeliner which I love! The liquid eyeliners are my favourite and was glad to find this. I think I need to use it more often!
Lastly, I top off the look I use two different types of lipsticks. The first one ofthe two are: Chubby Sticks-Clinique.
 These colours are so lush! They are moisturizing (which is great because I get such dry lips). They literally look lip glossy!
Then last, but not least, I have: Crimson Lipstick- The Natural Collection
My favourite colour is this lipstick! It is such a lovely colour and use this for all sorts of occasions!
Thank you for reading my makeup haul! I think you have all guessed I love Clinique makeup and can’t get enough of it! My next blog will be outfits I am taking to Colour Conference! (If you don’t know what it is, read my previous blog in my Faith archive.) I will blog as much as I can when I am at Colour and share with all of you about my experience and what I fell God has put on my heart.

Much of my love,

Hope xxx

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