My Faith

 Hillsong for blog
Hello World! I wanted to tell you about my faith….
As a Christian, I belong to Christ and put my faith and trust in him. I live according to what he has planned and know that he has a purpose for my life. I believe that one day, we will be at the throne of God, meeting him face-to-face and that I will live enternally with him. Being honest, I may not read my Bible every day, or live completely according to God’s word in every aspect of my life; however I do go to a Church youth group and attend Church on Sunday as much as possible.

I got baptised at 11 years old because I decided that God was who I live for and want to follow all the days of my life. Declaring that he is Lord to everyone and mostly, putting my faith in Him. It completely changed my life- I was new and born again.

I am apart of Hillsong Church which was founded in Sydney, Australia. Now, we have Church campuses all over the world, reaching out to people and telling our nations about Jesus. Hillsong have just started having Church in Oxford- its exciting hey?! I would say that Hillosng is like a big family who do life together.

I go to a women’s conference every year AKA ‘Colour’. Its to help humanity and empower women across the world. Moreover, to make the world a btter place! There are different orginizations that the conference help. As well as the conference there are other things that are for everyone to get involved in.

Some people may think that Christians are ‘serious’ or ‘have to live perfectly’. But in actual fact, we just live life the way that God wants us to and live every day we possible can. But even more- we have fun doing it!

I am very passionate about helping out in Church and serving others and to win them for Christ.

Do not forget God’s love and plans for you!

Much love, Hope xxx


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