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I literally love books. It’s a place where I can really let my imagination run wild and read about different people, viewpoints, lifestyles, backgrounds, eras. I have currently run out of books to read but wanted to show you a few of my ultimate favourite books…

The Book Thief~ Marcus Zusak

This book is amazing! It’s set on life in Nazi Germany in all of its struggles and devastation. I got this book ages ago and couldn’t set it down! Even the little sentences in German fascinated me. The book is so beautifully written and paints the most clear pictures. Defiantly one of my favourites!

The Thief Lord~ Cornelia Funke

Now, this is an old book. It’s about orphans in Italy, surviving by robbing. I have had this for a very long time, but I defiantly loved it at that time. The imagery is creative and it’s a great book to captivate you.

Redeeming Love~ Francine Rivers

This book. Oh this book is such a beautiful, moving book. I literally fell in love with it and it’s story of hope, unconditional love and faith. This was captivating and touching as I read the struggles of this women and her husband, never failing, never loosing hope because he knew the plans were far greater than his wife ever thought. He just like Jesus. I don’t want to tell you more- you’ll have to read it and find out the story. I encourage you to read it!

The series: Her Mother’s Hope & Her Daugher’s Dream~ Francine Rivers

These were captivating, touching and difficult to put down! It’s such a beautiful series of a generation and their life in all of it’s struggles, unconditional love, relationships, hope, breakthroughs. Every chapter is meaningful and powerful. I really do recommend you read these because I know you’ll love them! And love the author!


Hope xxx

2 thoughts on “Favourites- Books

  1. Well done, Hope! I am sure you will indeed become a successful journalist. Book Thief is one of my top 50 all-time reads! You may be interested in my daughter Emily’s books. ‘After the Rains’ and ‘Big Men’s Boots’. She also has an amusing blog which you can find on her Author page: http://www.emilybarroso.co.uk/ Reviews of her novels are available on Amazon. I’d love to know what you think of them!

    I look forward to more of your blog.
    Jo Woodhead x


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