My Nail Colours


I have been waiting, pondering for hours on ideas to blog about because I haven’t done a blog for a while. And since it is nearly summer time, my nail colours are very important! Even when I have only 10 minutes to spare, I check wether my nails need a new coat. I know! I am obsessed! So, here are my favourite colours this month:

Peachella~ Rimmel Rita Ora Collection


I LOVE the peach tones this year! This has been a must for ages and finally got it just in time for Colour Conference. This is the colour I use always because it goes with every outfit!

Go Wild-ER-NESS~ Rimmel Rita Ora Collection


Oh, this purple. This is a beautiful lilac. I wear it lots and lots and can’t get enough of it!

Roll in the grass~ Rimmel Rita Ora Collection


This is one of my favourite colours and these shades are so beautiful! I am in awe with this and is such a lovely, spring and summer colour. I think I am slightly in-love with light, pastel colours this year!

Prune~ Clinique


I recieved this and another beautiful pink nail polish for Christmas and as you know, I absolutely love Clinique! It’s such a sophisticated, rich, dark purple and is lovely in all seasons!

Glittery Orange~ Jack Wills


I recieved this for my birthday along with another khaki, bronze colour. I love Jack Wills products and their beauty products. This is such a summery colour and adds a pop of colour.

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