Hello World,

Today was a big day. Today I had my first ever operation. At the moment, I have braces and one time I went to the orthodontist, they discovered that one of my molars had sunken down and started to be covered up by my gum (which became a concern). They had realised (after trying ways to release my tooth) that it had grown to my jaw and that it had to be removed under general anaesthetic.

I was then referred to the Hospital and was told me that the operation would be at the end of the summer. Fortunately (I guess), they had re- scheduled me to have the operation in June. This made me a wreck knowing it was coming up fast….

I then started believing God would do something, the He would help me get through this operation. (Maybe even by healing it before hand). The days were rolling in fast and my nerves grew, yet I rested in Him knowing He had this situation. And God says ‘He would sustain me and keep me until I am old and grey’ and ‘That He would send His Angels Concerning Me’. Many people kept me in their prayers which I am greatful about. (Thank you all!)

Friends, had given me gifts as a distraction such as a £15 iTunes voucher- which I bought the new Hillsong United- Empires album. It’s absolutely Amazing! And also I got a bag of goodies which were: The Grazier Magazine, soap, drinks and chocolate. I also recieved many good wishes and messages- how blessed am I?!


The days were rolling in and stayed as calm as possible. I was trusting in Jesus and all of those people who were thinking of me and reassuring me.

Before I knew it, it was operation day! Luckily, I had all of the wonderful gifts!

At 06:14 exactly, mum woke me up and we got ready to head out for operation appointment at 7:30- we arrived just on time too!

We walked down to the children’s ward and had my bedroom all to myself. The place specialist was lovely and showed me all about what was to come. Then, I was sat down listening to my music and reading my mag waiting for the nurse to arrive.

Shortly before we went to hospital that morning, we had prayed (both mum and I) that there would be Christian nurses or surgeons working on me. Turns out, when the nurse came, she filled out paperwork,  weighed, and put magic cream on my hand. Mum told her about the music I was listening to and about our church when she mentioned she is a Christian and goes to St Aldates where I used to attend church! Amazing hey?!

After 30 minutes, the surgeon and registrar came to speak about what they were planning on doing about my tooth. Then, the anaesthetist came to ask a few questions and confirm things. Surprisingly, he look 18 years and not the right ‘doctor’ age. Hilarious! Anyway, he said it would be another 30 minutes to my op- fortunately, I was still calm.

Before I knew it, two lovely people came to my bed and wheeled me to the anaesthetist room. Many people were in there, smiling and helping me. I was asked more questions and was being hooked up to machines that checked my pulse and the oxygen in my blood.

During all of that, the needle went in well whilst listening to my music. An oxygen mask was put over my nose and mouth making me feel light headed. Then, I nodded off to sleep.

I awoke in a different room one hour later, smiling away all medicated. I was then taken downstairs to meet my mum and relaxed, ate, slept for five hours before being dis-charged.

I am healing up at home and that God everything went well.

If anyone of you ever have an operation, do not think anything of it and focus on the positives. You will wake up, you will be fine.


Hope xxx


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