15 Dreams & Goals of mine


Hello world,

Firstly, before I start with my blog today I want to apologise that I have not written a blog for ages! Its been down to the fact that I want to write something that is new and that I am interested in writing. So, if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to read from me, please comment on this post! After a long look on the web, I decided to write 15 dreams & goals of mine…

  1. Become a journalist (preferably in New York)
  2. Have work experience in the fashion industry
  3. Take placements in: Milano, Paris and New York
  4. Write articles in major fashion magazines
  5. Work for a major fashion company such as Prada
  6. Walk on the red carpet
  7. Meet Leonardo DiCaprio
  8. Visit India on mission trip to help Vision Rescue (Vision Rescue Link- Information)
  9. Take a trip around Europe
  10. Reach 100+ followers on my blog
  11. Complete my GSCE’s and A Levels with A’s
  12. Read the Bible in a year
  13. See all of my friends and peers saved
  14. Take my friends to Colour Conference
  15. Complete 500 Project for Keep A Girl In School (500 Project Information)

Reading these over make me laugh… some may say I am too optimistic… but, its never impossible to reach your goals.


Hope xxx

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