Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial


Hello World,

During the summer season, I love to paint my nails many different styles and themes. A few days ago, I was looking for inspiration for something to paint on my nails. At the moment, I am obsessed with tumblr fruit wallpaper and therefore decided to paint my nails fruity! I was browsing the internet and found this photo… I wanted to try it out and here is how I painted my nails inspired by this!


I made variations in colours due to not having the same ones. The colours and equipment you need are:

red, light blue and turquoise (you can change these preferably to greens), dark brown and a bobbie pin or dotting tool.

all colours

Firstly, with my nails, I apply the red coat and go over it twice to get a rich dark red colour.

red coat

Once this coat has dried, it is time to apply the first turquoise/ darkest green. This is for the rind of the watermelon.

first blue coat

For the second part of the rind, the lighter blue/green needs to be applied but a thinner line under the previous colour.

second blue coat

Once all of the rind has dried, the finnishing touch of the watermelon is next to paint on… The seeds! The brown paint is needed.

brown nail polish

Using the brown nail polish, coat the end of the bobbie pin.

bobbie pin with brown

With the bobbie pin and the paint on the end, dab lightly on the nail to get small circles to create the watermelon seeds. The quantity of circles is up to you!

bobbie pin with nail

Once the nails are completely dry, they are ready to go!

finnished product

I really hope this tutorial has inspired and helped you. Its such an easy style to do and lush for a summer themed nail!

Enjoy painting!

Hope xxx



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