~ Lavender and Rosemary Bath Salts ~


Hello World,

I was pondering about today and came across a bath salt that I made a few months back and remembered how much I loved them! Don’t you just love hot baths with sweet, calming scents? (Well I do!)

Once I knew how to make them, I gave them as christmas gifts last year to my best friends which they loved – and made many for myself which are mostly gone now 😦 . I made different body scrubs and bath salts which had either chocolate, orange, lavender or frankincence extracts.

But, for this blog, I am showing you the lavender (with a hint of rosemary) bath salts. This recipe will give you a general idea of how to make them and allows you to come up with your own scent…


Ingredients & Equipment

  • Epsom Salt – 1 and 1/2 cups
  • Essential Oil – Only add a few drops of each scent. (Stronger scents include eucalyptus, citrus, and peppermint. These help to strengthen your senses and focus your mind. Popular floral scents include lavender, rose, and lilac all help to ease stress and aren’t too heavy, offering a light airy feel to your bath.)
  • Dried plant or flower – 1-3 pinches (optional) 
  • Colouring – 2-4 drops (optional again)
  • Jar ( preferably a mason jar style- it gives it a proffesional and pretty look)
  • And to add to the presentation, you could use string like me or ribbon and could then thread it through a small teaspoon.

Firstly using a bowl, I poured in the epsom salts and essential oil. Then if you wish, add the few drops of colouring. Afterwards you can add a dried plant such as rosemary or lavender. Once they are all mixed together, spoon it into the jar! That easy hey!?

They make beautifyul, easy yet thoughtful gifts for anything! They are a lush result and enjoy making!

Love, Hope xox

P:S Want more ideas for scents look on pinterest and if you are interested- follow me @ littlehopey! Please comment how the have turned out if you make one!


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