Hello Autumn


Hello Autumn!

This is for sure one of my favourite seasons of the year and am ready for the autumn spirit. And due to the fact that I am in-love with autumn, I decided to do my ‘what I love about autumn’.

black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182Cold Weather

black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182Leaves changing fiery colours

black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182Fur coats, wooly hats, chunky knitted jumpers

black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182Yankee Candles

black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182Crackling log fires

black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182Hot Chocolates


black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182Cinnamon Sticks

black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182Pumpkin and Apple Pies


black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-69918250’s Music

black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182Preparing for Christmas

love you Autumn x

( Really do love beng a November baby)black-cute-heart-love-Favim.com-699182


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