Haters- How to deal with them


This world is full of haters. And lets be real, each one of us has had a hater or two.

We are in a day and age where everyone judges one-another, is jealous or unhappy about someone else. And you find yourself thinking “Why do they have issues with me?”.

Most likely, you have not done anything personally. People always have something that they struggle with: popularity & friends, success, looks & beauty etc. But, that is not anything to do with you- know that! There are haters everywhere, and are not always going to agree with you, but don’t punish yourself for it!

I know this because I have had problems with these things. And, I had to realise it was not me, it was their own insecurities.

I realise that it is hard to deal with it though and makes you worry about who you are.

But I have a few tips on how to deal with haters:

  • Stay true to who you are- Make sure that you don’t change who you are because people don’t agree with you. As long as you are kind and thoughtful towards others, and give them no reason to have any issue with you, be yourself.
  • Be Kind- This one is a toughy (I know). But the saying “kill with kindness” really does work. It softens them and realise that the world is not out to get them. Build them up. Help them if you can.
  • Your on your journey- You have places in life that you are going. Keep doing what you love regardless about what others say or how you are treated. Know that you are doing what you are doing and are on your own journey and they are on their own journey.

Love, Hope xxx


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