Autumn Jumpers


Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. The crunchy leaves, the hot chocolates, pumpkin pies, spices, cold weather and jumpers. And this Autumn, I have been the most obsessed about jumpers. I love them!

I had been wanting to buy some new Autumn jumpers due to needing to stack up on some more, but luckily, a lovely family friend was clearing out her wardrobe and gave a mea box full of clothes… Squeeee! And there were jumpers and oh I love them! So, I thought I would share them with you:



This jumper was bought by my mum which I was dying to get one in this colour. I call this one ‘my special jumper’ because it is just so beautiful! 

Dorithy Perkins


I have only ever tried this one on once but got very excited at the look of it. It looks to elegant and am definitely going wear this on Christmas.



This jumper I love! The colour I would call it wold be a mustard yellow. It is so light and wear this loads.


jumper 5

This is a lovely, throw-on kind of jumper. Whenever I am lounging around or get cold, this is a lovely one to put on. I love how it is a v-neckline with off- the- shoulder sleeves.

There is some lovely jumpers in H&M I can tell you!

Hope xox


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