Makeup Haul


Recently, I have been wanting so many different makeup products that I either had ran low of or always wanting that colour lipstick, that white nail varnish but never bought.

However, my wonderful, beautiful, gifted youth leader Mieke had been collecting the makeup that she either didn’t want or didn’t use it. She then put them in this perfect little glossybox (I need to subscribe to them!) and handed it over to me at church me my sister and I. As soon as it was in my hands, I got really excited and sat out in the costa just trying on the products, ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at everything. It was totally my highlight of my Sunday and week! Thank you Mieke ❤ !

As I was looking through it, it sparked this blog post. So I have used all of these products so that I can show all of you:

glossy box

Makeup Remover Gel- La Roche-Posay

glossy box 2

This is so handy to have! It removes all of your makeup with only 2 pumps of this! Would definitely recommend this!

Revitilzing Face Toner- Kueshi

glossy box 3

I have used this and my face feels fresher, more awake and my skin has a more even look.

Nail Varnishes- Barry M

glossy box whatever

These colours are the ones I have wanted for such a long time! They are elegant, pretty colours that you can wear on a day to day basis.

Grey Eyeshadow- Fifty Shades- Marsk & Bellapierre Cosmetics

glossy box 4

These colours are so lush! They are dark and the darker you want, the more you apply to your eyes. The product also goes a long way, so this should be a long-lasting product! I think I may have to try out the Cheryl Cole style eyeshadow.

Highlighter- So Susan

glossy box 7

This highligher looks very nice on, however, if you rub it into your skin, it completely goes! But, I love how it lifts the colour on your face.

Lip Stain- KIKO

glossy box 5

I love this colour lip stain! It is such a deep red and have been wanting one for a long time. Olivia keeps hiding it away from me in her bedroom so that I don’t use it. We love the colour. It is also so easy and smooth to apply.

Lip Stick- Ted Baker

glossybox 8

This colour is a nice pinky-red. It is smooth on your lips and looks nice and plump. My first beauty product from Ted Baker- and a good impression!

Lip Stick Pencil-Mememe Cosmetics

glossy box 6

This colour is such a lovely pink, velvety colour and use this regulary. I recommend this colour very much.

Thank you Mieke! Its such a blessing!

Hope xox

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