All About My Nose Piercing


Hello World,

I wanted to blog about this subject because I feel that this could help anyone of you thinking about wanting to get your nose pierced. This is because I researched so much about nose piercings before I decided to do it, and what I found, seemed to be exaggerated and made me far more nervous than I should of been. So, I decided to give my advise so that you may have a good knowledge of what getting your nose pierced may be like. So this blog has topics on: things to consider about getting a nose piercing, how painful it was, my experience and all that good stuff… So, let’s begin!

Things To Consider If You Want A Nose Piercing:

There are some key things that you need to consider when getting a nose piercing…

First of all: Would you still want it a few months down the line?  Would you like it-because it’s permanent? You have to ask yourself these questions, because after all it is a hole that will be in your face and therefore, you have to make sure that this is FOR SURE something you would like to have.

Another thing to consider is: What nostril would you like it on?  What style- hoop or stud? These are simple questions that you’ll need to think about, but these are important because you will have to tell your piercer which side you’ll want and what kind of stud you’d want. However, when I got my nose pierced, the lady who did the piercing, said that the best type of jewellery is a titanium stud because this is the easiest and quickest way that your nose will heal, rather than using the hoop.The piercer also said, she recommends the stud for the first few months; then you can switch it to a hoop if you wish. The type of metal that the stud/hoop is also important so that it does not cause scarring or infection during the healing process, so make sure you go for a good quality piece of jewellery, to reduce your chances of scarring and infection.

Something else to consider is: What will your school/ workplace say about piercings? Before you do ANYTHING, you must find out wether facial piercings are acceptable in your place of work or school. This is because if you were to get pierced, and you went back to work/school and they said t was not acceptable, that would totally suck! So check that out.

The Process:

Ok, so this morning, I went and got my nose pierced. I went to a tattooing & piercing parlour and I got booked in. When my appointment time came, I and my mum had to show our ID and fill out  the paperwork. I then went into a room, where I was talked to about how to care for my nose, the process of the piercing, etc. Then, the piercer cleaned my nose to get all of the germs and makeup off, and then, she made a dot where the stud would go. I checked to see if I liked where the dot was, and then I laid down and the piercer used a clamp to hold my nostril. Then, I was asked to breathe in deeply and breath out. As I breathed out, the piercer put the needle through my nose. Once the needle was through, she slid the stud through as she was pulling out the needle. Then, she made sure that everything was ok and I was ready to go home!

nose process

Once the needle is in my nose… ft funny face

How Much Does It Hurt? :

When I was doing my research, this was a very frequently asked question. And whenever I read the answers to this, people talked about how much it hurt and how much your eyes water. This obviously made me quite nervous especially because I am normally quite the baby when it comes to pain hah! But actually to my surprise, it didn’t hurt at all!! I would give it a rating of 2/10 for pain. The process was so quick it only pinched for a couple of seconds and my eyes only watered a fraction. But do note that everyone’s pain thresholds are different. Just remember to stay as calm as possible and then it shouldn’t seem to bad.

I hope any of you found it helpful if you’re considering getting your nose pierced and comment below if you have any other questions.

All my love

Hope xx

my nose is pierced 14.5.16

Finished product!

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