Wedding Guest Look- Style for Less


Weddings are one of my favourite special ocasions ever, and I tend to get all excited over one thing in particular leading up to the wedding…what to wear! However, paying extreme amounts of money for a clothing item which you may not wear again to things other than weddings, seems kind of pointless; so I decided to see wether I could look stylish or at least formal  for less money (which succeeded  much to my delight)! 

The first fast-fashion store that I thought of to get a dress from was New Look, decided to shop there. I am very pleased with the clothing that I bought from New Look and so, I thought I might as well share with you what I wore to a wedding this past month:

I thought that this look was formal, but somewhat casual to the extent that I could wear it to other events and occasions. I would say it gave off a slight 1950’s/60’s look which I was totally pleased with and overall, I would say that this outfit was a success for less!

Dress: New Look 

Shoes: New Look 
Bronzer: Bronzer Duo- Bobbi Brown

Eyebrows: Saddle Eyebrow Pallet – Bobbi Brown 

Eyes: Eyeshadow Pallet- Bobbi Brown

Lips: Kylie Jenner Liquid Lipstick 

6 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Look- Style for Less

      1. Ah ok! Well if you & other people (could you ask some people to give in some questions? No worries if not!) give in some q’s and put them in my homepage, I will see if I can do that! Thank you for the suggestion! Xxx

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