100 Things To Be Happy About

  1. Long conversations
  2. Watching the stars
  3. Listening to the waves crashing on the beach whilst in a tent
  4. Complimenting people
  5. 1920/1960’s music
  6. Waking up at noon
  7. Late night conversations with close friends
  8. Camping
  9. Listening to laughter
  10. American accents
  11. Walking through cities
  12. Travelling
  13. Cuddles
  14. Thanksgiving
  15. Embarking on a new adventure
  16. Late night swims
  17. Getting into a made bed
  18. The smell after it rains
  19. Holidaying
  20. Walking along African dirt roads
  21. Brunch
  22. Netflix
  23. Laughing till it hurts
  24. Waking up with the sun on your face
  25. Bike riding in the crisp mornings
  26. Coffee dates
  27. Walks along the beach at dawn
  28. White bed sheets
  29. Drinking ice cold water
  30. Blogging
  31. Getting good grades
  32. Working out
  33. Finding something that was lost for ages and been forgotten about
  34. Getting your money from work
  35. Big BBQ’s
  36. Spending a whole day in bed
  37. Perfectly done makeup
  38. Having your hair played with
  39. Catching up with old friends
  40. Sea salty hair
  41. A good book that you can’t put down
  42. Dinners out
  43. Long baths
  44. French food
  45. Movie marathons
  46. Finding true friends
  47. Loving people as much as they love you
  48. Freshly cut grass
  49. Jumping into freezing cold pools
  50. Hearing the rain in bed
  51. Watching lightening strike far off in the hills
  52. Long journeys
  53. Sitting by bonfires
  54. Waking up to birds singing
  55. Going on planes
  56. Eating food you’ve been craving
  57. Going to a fruit and veg market in France
  58. Listening to Italians
  59. Lemon and Sugar Crepes
  60. Tanning
  61. Perfectly painted nails
  62. Being believed in
  63. When its freezing in your room, but you’re toasty in bed
  64. Finally being able to take your socks off after a long day
  65. Childhood memories
  66. Tomato soup on an Autumn evening
  67. When your fingers and nose are numb from the cold
  68. Green smoothies in Summer
  69. The feeling when you did something you feared of doing
  70. Crying at films
  71. Tight hugs
  72. Decorating bedroom
  73. Scrolling through Tumblr
  74. When a DIY goes well
  75. White Christmases
  76. Laughing till it hurts
  77. Being surprised
  78. Doing something spontaneous
  79. 1950 Diners
  80. Starbucks
  81. Walking through a field of daisies
  82. Long walks
  83. Late night drives
  84. A good cup of coffee
  85. Big fluffy socks
  86. Picnics
  87. The feeling when you’re right
  88. Being content
  89. A slight breeze on a hot day
  90. Walking through mist
  91. Watching films too many times you know the dialogue
  92. Early nights
  93. Bargains
  94. Eating lots of junk food at the cinema
  95. Finally finishing a big book
  96. Being told how much you’re loved
  97. A smile from across the room
  98. Feeling confident
  99. Someone telling you they’re proud of you
  100. Being tickled on the back

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