5 Minute Makeup Look For Summer


OK, I love everything to do with makeup. No exaggeration. And it came to mind that I had never done a makeup tutorial. I’ve only ever done makeup hauls or what I think about certain makeup brands. So, I thought that I should do something a little different this time.

And because I had never done a makeup tutorial, I decided to do one today for you all. I have decided to do a 5-minute quick and easy summer makeup look, that may inspire and give you ideas as to what makeup look you could go for in the summer season.

Here is my step-by-step tutorial on how I do my summer makeup in the matter of minutes. Here we go:

OK, first of all, I will use this Pure and Clean Revitalising Face Toner- Kueshi to clean and even out my skin tone before applying makeup.



So from there, I will go for this Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40-Bobbi Brown. This foundation has a syringe, which I will squeeze onto the back of my hand and either use a brush, or simply my hand and apply to my face. I love this foundation because it makes your skin glow, and look completely natural.


After I’ve applied the foundation, I go for the eyes first. Just any brush that you tend to use your eyeshadow for, will work just fine. I use the colour Fable- Bare Minerals, which I cover all over my eyelids. Using either your finger or a brush, smudge the eyeshadow at the brow bone, to soften the colour. After that, I will go along with a white eyeshadow-Bobbi Brown on my brow bones & just under my eyebrows to define my brows. Once my eyes are done, I’ll use my M.A.C brow brushing tool to brush my eyebrows to shape them. Today I’ve applied no powder to them due to wanting this look to be as natural as possible. So all I used was an eyebrow gel to finish them off.


Once the eyes are done, I will go ahead with the eyelashes. I will use my eyelash curlers and then apply the Lash Domination-Bare Minerals. Once I have put on my mascara, and I’m happy with it, my eyes and brows are done!

Next with the contour! So, I go ahead with a fan brush and use the Bronzer Duo- Bobbi Brown and apply under my cheek bones, on the sides of my forehead and under my chin and jaw. Today, I have gone for a subtle pinky blush- Bare Minerals to put on the apples of my cheek just to finish the cheeks off!

And lastly, I wanted to have no lipstick or gloss, just a touch of EOS balm to hydrate my lips.

Now, the look is completed!


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