Eyebrow Horror Story- Expectations VS Reality


I thought I might as well tell you a beauty horror story relating to eyebrows for your pleasure.

Eyebrows have become a phenomenon and every girl has fantasised over having ‘on fleek’ eyebrows. There is this one style of eyebrow which is thick, arched and beautifully shaped, which everybody wanted and still wants to create… or at least me. It seemed as if everyone was then waxing, threading and even shaving their eyebrows to achieve beautiful, on fleek eyebrows. Because I had noticed this type of brow style, I decided that I had to do something with my eyebrows. I had to make them look amazing!

I occasionally had my eyebrows waxed by this point, and they were just ‘amateur’ eyebrows, not like these eyebrows I had seen. It had been a while since I had my eyebrows done, and they desperately needed doing, it wasn’t even funny. I kept begging my mum to take me to get mine done, but there was just no time for me to get them done with a hectic schedule. I was getting self-conscious with my eyebrows as they were getting wild and gross and were definitely not looking ‘on fleek’ .

I was unsure as to when I was going to get my eyebrows done next, so I decided to take my eyebrows into my own hands…

I watched multiple youtube videos on how to pluck and shape my eyebrows, and I felt I was then capable of doing my own eyebrows to make them the most perfect eyebrows ever. So I got my tweezers out and started plucking…

… any old hair anywhere. This is somewhat like how I wanted my brows VS how my brows turned out:

NOT GOOD! I was so bummed and my brows were way worse than before! Seriously, I don’t now what on earth I was thinking. As soon as I put down the tweezers, I got weird looks… from many people aha! This was the worst beauty mistake I made.

I really couldn’t do anything to fix them, so I tried powder to even my brows out (as they were two different shapes) whilst they grew out. By doing this, my brows became slugs on my face. No joke.

Sparkle 100%

Powder wasn’t looking so good…

The stages of my eyebrows got worse and worse when they began to grow out. I hated walking around in public like this for a month! So, these were my untouched, unplucked brows over the month:


It finally came to the time when I could get my eyebrows done PROFESSIONALLY. perfect brows

I learnt my lesson and I feel that this could be some very useful advice for you, so keep reading!

  • DO NOT overly pluck your eyebrows- seek some professional help
  • Keep growing your eyebrows out if you have done what I’ve done. Keeping them untouched will help them to grow out and look better once they are done professionally.
  • DO NOT put much powder in your brows when growing them out because it only makes them look bigger, bolder and more noticeable. Trust me.

So, hopefully this horror story on my brows has been at all helpful and a lesson that you should never have to learn.



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