Makeup Essentials


Do you ever feel like there is just so many makeup products out there that you just cant afford to buy when you feel like they are essentials? I do.

But, I then tried to think about what the makeup essentials for me are. I feel like there are only a few makeup essentials that every girl needs without having to go out and buy a ton of makeup to achieve a flawless makeup look that you could otherwise achieve with only a few makeup products.

I then put together a list of my ultimate makeup essentials which are:

  • foundation- I feel foundation gives the face full coverage, hiding certain blemishes and also provides a smooth, clear surface.
  • concealer- Concealer always helps lighten up the face, illuminating it and hiding blemishes. I can never go out not putting on a bit of concealer!
  • mascara- Mascara is one of my favourites! It opens up the eyes whilst adding volume and length to the your eyelashes. It always makes me feel a bit prettier just wearing mascara.
  • bronzer-I would say I can go a bit bronzer-happy when it comes to applying bronzer aha! It is to me an essential as it gives color, and shape to your face whilst making you look a bit more tanned.
  • blush-Blush is great for adding color to your cheeks which looks natural at the same time.
  • lip balm/ lip gloss- I think lip gloss and lip balm are my favorite things to use on my lips because it looks natural, the balm is moisturizing and literally goes with any makeup look!

I feel like these makeup products really gives a natural, beautiful look without having to spend lots of money on lots of products.

I have got the following products which I thought I should share. I also thought that it would be beneficial and helpful that I showed high-end makeup and drug store makeup that works well also.

bare minerals

Bare Minerals Blush £20

The Bare Minerals Blush in the shade  Enchanted


Bobbi Brown Bronzer £30


Bobbi Brown Concealer £26 & Rimmel £5.49

The Bobbi Brown concealer is in the shade Ivory 


Bobbi Brown £34 & Rimmel £7.99

The Rimmel Foundation is in the number 25 (which has turned out to be too dark for me)

lip balm

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm £16.50


Rimmel £6.99 & Benefit £20.50

The Rimmel Mascara is the Scandal Eyes

The Benefit is the They’re Real.

I hope that this helped and that you found it interesting.


Hope xo

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