3 Favourite Everyday Woman’s Shoes


OK, I’m a little obsessed with shoes. But hey, a girl can never have too many shoes right? I feel like shoes just finish off the outfit perfectly and so I feel like I am always in need of new shoes. I then realized that I am a girl who loves flats… especially trainers. I would always go for the Adidas Superstars over a pair of 6 inch heels. I feel like you can flats with literally everything for any occasion anywhere!

This then got me thinking to what my top flat shoes would be. And I came to the conclusion that my favorite three pairs of everyday woman’s flats were:  Adidas Superstars, Nike Roshe and the Stan Smiths. By far. I then decided to show you the shoes, the price and the reasons why I love the shoes.

So, to begin with, the Adidas superstars.


Priced at £69.99

These are by far my favorite out of the three shoes I am sharing with you today. I think that they are very great quality and very affordable if you want some decent shoes. These shoes are so comfortable and the color of them means that they will go with any look- chic and dressy to laid-back. I just in general love these and are a very good buy.

The next pair of shoes are, Nike Roshe


Priced at £70

These are so comfy! Personally, I use them for casual and sport just because they give bounce, they are light, breathable and also have a very casual look which I love. I really like the color of them because the black just goes with all colors. Love them.

Last but not least, the Stan Smiths

stan smiths

Priced at £69.95

OK. These are beautiful. Literally in-love! These are so simple, comfortable, but chic. I feel like the pop of green adds so much to the shoe. They are great for everyday wear as they go with everything and look so nice and so laid-back which I love. I would so encourage you to get a pair.

So that is all for my 3 favorite woman’s everyday shoes. I hope that you found that helpful and interesting. But seriously, go get yourself some of these shoes because they really are great for everyday wear!

Hope xo


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