3 Favourite Everyday Woman’s Shoes


OK, I’m a little obsessed with shoes. But hey, a girl can never have too many shoes right? I feel like shoes just finish off the outfit perfectly and so I feel like I am always in need of new shoes. I then realized that I am a girl who loves flats… especially trainers. I would always go for the Adidas Superstars over a pair of 6 inch heels. I feel like you can flats with literally everything for any occasion anywhere!

This then got me thinking to what my top flat shoes would be. And I came to the conclusion that my favorite three pairs of everyday woman’s flats were:  Adidas Superstars, Nike Roshe and the Stan Smiths. By far. I then decided to show you the shoes, the price and the reasons why I love the shoes.

So, to begin with, the Adidas superstars.


Priced at £69.99

These are by far my favorite out of the three shoes I am sharing with you today. I think that they are very great quality and very affordable if you want some decent shoes. These shoes are so comfortable and the color of them means that they will go with any look- chic and dressy to laid-back. I just in general love these and are a very good buy.

The next pair of shoes are, Nike Roshe


Priced at £70

These are so comfy! Personally, I use them for casual and sport just because they give bounce, they are light, breathable and also have a very casual look which I love. I really like the color of them because the black just goes with all colors. Love them.

Last but not least, the Stan Smiths

stan smiths

Priced at £69.95

OK. These are beautiful. Literally in-love! These are so simple, comfortable, but chic. I feel like the pop of green adds so much to the shoe. They are great for everyday wear as they go with everything and look so nice and so laid-back which I love. I would so encourage you to get a pair.

So that is all for my 3 favorite woman’s everyday shoes. I hope that you found that helpful and interesting. But seriously, go get yourself some of these shoes because they really are great for everyday wear!

Hope xo


Wardrobe Essentials


Ever struggling to find what to wear? Or even what to buy for your wardrobe collection? Well, I have had the same problem and as I decided to go into more minimalism fashion, I realized I needed whole new set of clothes. I then thought about what I needed in my wardrobe and after watching multiple YouTube videos and browsing through my Pinterest feed, I realized that all I was lacking was some wardrobe essentials. Wardrobe essentials allow you to build your outfits and switch up your outfits without much hassle.

So, I made a list of all the wardrobe essentials I feel everyone needs, and managed to put together outfits which turned out being very chic and minimal. Therefore, I felt this needed to be shared so that it helps any of you who are struggling with your wardrobe.

The list is:

  • Black tee
  • White tee
  • Button down shirt
  • Sweater
  • Black jeans
  • Boyfriend jeans
  • Skinny jeans
  • Leather jacket
  • Adidas Superstars/ Nike



Celebrity Styles- Top 4 Street Styles


My Top 4 Celebrity Street Styles:

  1. Gigi Hadid- Gigi has a very wide range of outfit choices, which all are very chic and high-end fashion. These three photos clearly demonstrate that she is very versatile with her clothing, due to ranging from distressed jeans, to culottes. Form fitting cropped tops to silk v-necks.

  2. Kendall Jenner- Kendall’s street style can be very casual, to very formal and high-end fashion. As you can tell from these photos, she is keen on the long duster coats, which she rocks! However, she tends to be a bit fonder on culottes and wide-legged trousers than jeans!
  3. Taylor Swift- Taylor’s outfits are quite geeky chic (I would say). You can tell she loves heels as in all of her outfits, she’s loving any form of heel, from boots to stilettos. Her outfits vary a great deal, from shorts, to dungarees, to three/quarter length trousers which gives her a different look and style each time!
  4. Vanessa Hudgens – Vanessa’s street style is very versatile and ranges from boho, to chic. These looks are very upbeat and I love that everything in Vanessa’s wardrobe are different and unique.

Wedding Guest Look- Style for Less


Weddings are one of my favourite special ocasions ever, and I tend to get all excited over one thing in particular leading up to the wedding…what to wear! However, paying extreme amounts of money for a clothing item which you may not wear again to things other than weddings, seems kind of pointless; so I decided to see wether I could look stylish or at least formal  for less money (which succeeded  much to my delight)! 

The first fast-fashion store that I thought of to get a dress from was New Look, decided to shop there. I am very pleased with the clothing that I bought from New Look and so, I thought I might as well share with you what I wore to a wedding this past month:

I thought that this look was formal, but somewhat casual to the extent that I could wear it to other events and occasions. I would say it gave off a slight 1950’s/60’s look which I was totally pleased with and overall, I would say that this outfit was a success for less!

Dress: New Look 

Shoes: New Look 
Bronzer: Bronzer Duo- Bobbi Brown

Eyebrows: Saddle Eyebrow Pallet – Bobbi Brown 

Eyes: Eyeshadow Pallet- Bobbi Brown

Lips: Kylie Jenner Liquid Lipstick 

Autumn Jumpers


Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. The crunchy leaves, the hot chocolates, pumpkin pies, spices, cold weather and jumpers. And this Autumn, I have been the most obsessed about jumpers. I love them!

I had been wanting to buy some new Autumn jumpers due to needing to stack up on some more, but luckily, a lovely family friend was clearing out her wardrobe and gave a mea box full of clothes… Squeeee! And there were jumpers and oh I love them! So, I thought I would share them with you:



This jumper was bought by my mum which I was dying to get one in this colour. I call this one ‘my special jumper’ because it is just so beautiful! 

Dorithy Perkins


I have only ever tried this one on once but got very excited at the look of it. It looks to elegant and am definitely going wear this on Christmas.



This jumper I love! The colour I would call it wold be a mustard yellow. It is so light and wear this loads.


jumper 5

This is a lovely, throw-on kind of jumper. Whenever I am lounging around or get cold, this is a lovely one to put on. I love how it is a v-neckline with off- the- shoulder sleeves.

There is some lovely jumpers in H&M I can tell you!

Hope xox

What’s In My Suitcase? – Hillsong Conference 2015


Hello World,

This year’s Hillsong Conference in London is my first and so excited to be able to go to the O2 Arena and Indigo Arena- eek!!! This especially is exciting because I am able to be apart of the Y+F which will be great to surround myself with people who are enthusiastic and love God. This year’s slogan is “Speak. we’re Listening.” I am coming expectant that God will speak to me and that He will have something to say. What a better place for us all to gather in one arena in London and hear from God?

Now, when I am travelling to places like London for 3 days, I don’t travel lightly, I don’t know why- it just seems impossible…

At church last Sunday, I had a few conversations with friends and my wonderful youth leader Mieke about what we were intending to wear and I had none of the slightest ideas. I think I should of thought about it sooner (haha). So, my day has been spent packing my bag.

And as usual, I have a suitcase full of clothes and other things which I wanted to share with all of you.

Jeans: Zara Kimono/blazer: New Look Lace Top: H&M


Lace Crop Top: New Look     High Waisted Shorts: New Look


Flower hat: Primark     Pink Shoes: Spanish Shop     Shiny Burgendy Shoes: New Look


A few toiletries…


Nail Polishes: H&M and Super Drug    Necklace: New Look Earrings: Claires, Accesorise


Leather Jacket: Next    Denim Jacket: River Island


Love Hope xox


Fashion, Trips

This Sunday, I had the privilege of being able to come as a ‘sponsor’ (even more so my father) to watch the polo games in Putney, London. Cutler And Gross were sponsoring the event.

And what a beautiful day it was! Many people came from international countries in their best clothes. From lace dresses to silk  and high wedges to stilettos (and which my feet became extremely sore).

The games were fantastic and am in-love with events like these. The horses were stunning, full of stamina and strength. Nudging eachother to reach the ball and shoot a score.  And the men were committed and ready to win.

After the first few games, I and the rest of family joined my father and his guests in  the VIP marquee. The marquee was fabulous! Full of candles, tables and beautiful decor. The food and drinks were delicious and in my eyes, definitely 5 stars! I couldn’t of asked for a better afternoon especially after meeting the wonderful guests:

Claire Tristam – The London College Of Fashion,


Ranee Turner- Blackrock  Event Manager,


Grace Gilfeather- GQ magazine

I got to have lovely conversations with them and thoroughly enjoyed every moment- thank you!

I took a few photos which caught a few moments in my day…