Makeup Essentials


Do you ever feel like there is just so many makeup products out there that you just cant afford to buy when you feel like they are essentials? I do.

But, I then tried to think about what the makeup essentials for me are. I feel like there are only a few makeup essentials that every girl needs without having to go out and buy a ton of makeup to achieve a flawless makeup look that you could otherwise achieve with only a few makeup products.

I then put together a list of my ultimate makeup essentials which are:

  • foundation- I feel foundation gives the face full coverage, hiding certain blemishes and also provides a smooth, clear surface.
  • concealer- Concealer always helps lighten up the face, illuminating it and hiding blemishes. I can never go out not putting on a bit of concealer!
  • mascara- Mascara is one of my favourites! It opens up the eyes whilst adding volume and length to the your eyelashes. It always makes me feel a bit prettier just wearing mascara.
  • bronzer-I would say I can go a bit bronzer-happy when it comes to applying bronzer aha! It is to me an essential as it gives color, and shape to your face whilst making you look a bit more tanned.
  • blush-Blush is great for adding color to your cheeks which looks natural at the same time.
  • lip balm/ lip gloss- I think lip gloss and lip balm are my favorite things to use on my lips because it looks natural, the balm is moisturizing and literally goes with any makeup look!

I feel like these makeup products really gives a natural, beautiful look without having to spend lots of money on lots of products.

I have got the following products which I thought I should share. I also thought that it would be beneficial and helpful that I showed high-end makeup and drug store makeup that works well also.

bare minerals

Bare Minerals Blush £20

The Bare Minerals Blush in the shade  Enchanted


Bobbi Brown Bronzer £30


Bobbi Brown Concealer £26 & Rimmel £5.49

The Bobbi Brown concealer is in the shade Ivory 


Bobbi Brown £34 & Rimmel £7.99

The Rimmel Foundation is in the number 25 (which has turned out to be too dark for me)

lip balm

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm £16.50


Rimmel £6.99 & Benefit £20.50

The Rimmel Mascara is the Scandal Eyes

The Benefit is the They’re Real.

I hope that this helped and that you found it interesting.


Hope xo


Eyebrow Horror Story- Expectations VS Reality


I thought I might as well tell you a beauty horror story relating to eyebrows for your pleasure.

Eyebrows have become a phenomenon and every girl has fantasised over having ‘on fleek’ eyebrows. There is this one style of eyebrow which is thick, arched and beautifully shaped, which everybody wanted and still wants to create… or at least me. It seemed as if everyone was then waxing, threading and even shaving their eyebrows to achieve beautiful, on fleek eyebrows. Because I had noticed this type of brow style, I decided that I had to do something with my eyebrows. I had to make them look amazing!

I occasionally had my eyebrows waxed by this point, and they were just ‘amateur’ eyebrows, not like these eyebrows I had seen. It had been a while since I had my eyebrows done, and they desperately needed doing, it wasn’t even funny. I kept begging my mum to take me to get mine done, but there was just no time for me to get them done with a hectic schedule. I was getting self-conscious with my eyebrows as they were getting wild and gross and were definitely not looking ‘on fleek’ .

I was unsure as to when I was going to get my eyebrows done next, so I decided to take my eyebrows into my own hands…

I watched multiple youtube videos on how to pluck and shape my eyebrows, and I felt I was then capable of doing my own eyebrows to make them the most perfect eyebrows ever. So I got my tweezers out and started plucking…

… any old hair anywhere. This is somewhat like how I wanted my brows VS how my brows turned out:

NOT GOOD! I was so bummed and my brows were way worse than before! Seriously, I don’t now what on earth I was thinking. As soon as I put down the tweezers, I got weird looks… from many people aha! This was the worst beauty mistake I made.

I really couldn’t do anything to fix them, so I tried powder to even my brows out (as they were two different shapes) whilst they grew out. By doing this, my brows became slugs on my face. No joke.

Sparkle 100%

Powder wasn’t looking so good…

The stages of my eyebrows got worse and worse when they began to grow out. I hated walking around in public like this for a month! So, these were my untouched, unplucked brows over the month:


It finally came to the time when I could get my eyebrows done PROFESSIONALLY. perfect brows

I learnt my lesson and I feel that this could be some very useful advice for you, so keep reading!

  • DO NOT overly pluck your eyebrows- seek some professional help
  • Keep growing your eyebrows out if you have done what I’ve done. Keeping them untouched will help them to grow out and look better once they are done professionally.
  • DO NOT put much powder in your brows when growing them out because it only makes them look bigger, bolder and more noticeable. Trust me.

So, hopefully this horror story on my brows has been at all helpful and a lesson that you should never have to learn.



5 Minute Makeup Look For Summer


OK, I love everything to do with makeup. No exaggeration. And it came to mind that I had never done a makeup tutorial. I’ve only ever done makeup hauls or what I think about certain makeup brands. So, I thought that I should do something a little different this time.

And because I had never done a makeup tutorial, I decided to do one today for you all. I have decided to do a 5-minute quick and easy summer makeup look, that may inspire and give you ideas as to what makeup look you could go for in the summer season.

Here is my step-by-step tutorial on how I do my summer makeup in the matter of minutes. Here we go:

OK, first of all, I will use this Pure and Clean Revitalising Face Toner- Kueshi to clean and even out my skin tone before applying makeup.



So from there, I will go for this Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40-Bobbi Brown. This foundation has a syringe, which I will squeeze onto the back of my hand and either use a brush, or simply my hand and apply to my face. I love this foundation because it makes your skin glow, and look completely natural.


After I’ve applied the foundation, I go for the eyes first. Just any brush that you tend to use your eyeshadow for, will work just fine. I use the colour Fable- Bare Minerals, which I cover all over my eyelids. Using either your finger or a brush, smudge the eyeshadow at the brow bone, to soften the colour. After that, I will go along with a white eyeshadow-Bobbi Brown on my brow bones & just under my eyebrows to define my brows. Once my eyes are done, I’ll use my M.A.C brow brushing tool to brush my eyebrows to shape them. Today I’ve applied no powder to them due to wanting this look to be as natural as possible. So all I used was an eyebrow gel to finish them off.


Once the eyes are done, I will go ahead with the eyelashes. I will use my eyelash curlers and then apply the Lash Domination-Bare Minerals. Once I have put on my mascara, and I’m happy with it, my eyes and brows are done!

Next with the contour! So, I go ahead with a fan brush and use the Bronzer Duo- Bobbi Brown and apply under my cheek bones, on the sides of my forehead and under my chin and jaw. Today, I have gone for a subtle pinky blush- Bare Minerals to put on the apples of my cheek just to finish the cheeks off!

And lastly, I wanted to have no lipstick or gloss, just a touch of EOS balm to hydrate my lips.

Now, the look is completed!

All About My Nose Piercing


Hello World,

I wanted to blog about this subject because I feel that this could help anyone of you thinking about wanting to get your nose pierced. This is because I researched so much about nose piercings before I decided to do it, and what I found, seemed to be exaggerated and made me far more nervous than I should of been. So, I decided to give my advise so that you may have a good knowledge of what getting your nose pierced may be like. So this blog has topics on: things to consider about getting a nose piercing, how painful it was, my experience and all that good stuff… So, let’s begin!

Things To Consider If You Want A Nose Piercing:

There are some key things that you need to consider when getting a nose piercing…

First of all: Would you still want it a few months down the line?  Would you like it-because it’s permanent? You have to ask yourself these questions, because after all it is a hole that will be in your face and therefore, you have to make sure that this is FOR SURE something you would like to have.

Another thing to consider is: What nostril would you like it on?  What style- hoop or stud? These are simple questions that you’ll need to think about, but these are important because you will have to tell your piercer which side you’ll want and what kind of stud you’d want. However, when I got my nose pierced, the lady who did the piercing, said that the best type of jewellery is a titanium stud because this is the easiest and quickest way that your nose will heal, rather than using the hoop.The piercer also said, she recommends the stud for the first few months; then you can switch it to a hoop if you wish. The type of metal that the stud/hoop is also important so that it does not cause scarring or infection during the healing process, so make sure you go for a good quality piece of jewellery, to reduce your chances of scarring and infection.

Something else to consider is: What will your school/ workplace say about piercings? Before you do ANYTHING, you must find out wether facial piercings are acceptable in your place of work or school. This is because if you were to get pierced, and you went back to work/school and they said t was not acceptable, that would totally suck! So check that out.

The Process:

Ok, so this morning, I went and got my nose pierced. I went to a tattooing & piercing parlour and I got booked in. When my appointment time came, I and my mum had to show our ID and fill out  the paperwork. I then went into a room, where I was talked to about how to care for my nose, the process of the piercing, etc. Then, the piercer cleaned my nose to get all of the germs and makeup off, and then, she made a dot where the stud would go. I checked to see if I liked where the dot was, and then I laid down and the piercer used a clamp to hold my nostril. Then, I was asked to breathe in deeply and breath out. As I breathed out, the piercer put the needle through my nose. Once the needle was through, she slid the stud through as she was pulling out the needle. Then, she made sure that everything was ok and I was ready to go home!

nose process

Once the needle is in my nose… ft funny face

How Much Does It Hurt? :

When I was doing my research, this was a very frequently asked question. And whenever I read the answers to this, people talked about how much it hurt and how much your eyes water. This obviously made me quite nervous especially because I am normally quite the baby when it comes to pain hah! But actually to my surprise, it didn’t hurt at all!! I would give it a rating of 2/10 for pain. The process was so quick it only pinched for a couple of seconds and my eyes only watered a fraction. But do note that everyone’s pain thresholds are different. Just remember to stay as calm as possible and then it shouldn’t seem to bad.

I hope any of you found it helpful if you’re considering getting your nose pierced and comment below if you have any other questions.

All my love

Hope xx

my nose is pierced 14.5.16

Finished product!

Bobbi Brown Review


Hello World,

First, I would like to say an apology about my lack of blogging. These last few months have been WAY too busy to be able to sit down and talk to you. I’ve missed it- but I am going to have more time on my hands now to blog. But now, let’s just get right  into this blog:

I have been very excited and eager to write this blog for all of you. Just after Christmas, I received a gift (i.e a bag full of Bobbi Brown makeup) from the wonderful Bobbi Brown Pro makeup artist Hannah Martin. I was SO excited when I saw the wonderful bag full of makeup. I am so blessed to have been given this- Thank you Hannah! I am so obsessed with this makeup and thought I definitely had to show you the products that I received…

all makeup

Medium Face And Body Bronzing Duo

bobbi brown 2I am loving this product hugely. This bronzing duo is pigmented, meaning less is definitely more. It gives off a natural, tanned color and I am constantly practicing my contouring hah!

Sparkle Eye Shadow – Denim 9

IMG_5290This color is so pretty. It looks dark in the palette, yet once its on your eyelids, its shimmery and elegant-looking. This eyeshadow is NOT to be used with a brush, but with your finger. Using your finger, the product spreads easily and smoothly, as to where with a brush, its becomes dusty and you then find glitter on your cheeks.

Eye Shadow – Saddle 61

bobbibrown 6This eye shadow is a lovely, neutral brown color. I use this for my brows which works perfectly to get a natural, not OTD ‘crazy brows’ look. It blends well and is super easy to to apply.

Telleruride Eye Palette

bobbi brown 5OK, I just want to take a minute to appreciate the fact that inside the palette, its rose gold. Its just so perfect and the packaging is so lush! These colors are neutral, easy to apply, easy to blend and all are very complementing colors. This is the best palette Ive ever owned. And.. this brush has two ends, the bigger, bulkier end is perfect for blending and for using in your eyelid crease, as to where the thinner end, is better for highlighting and layering different shades of colors.

Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner – Sapphire

bobbi brown 4This is such a good product. This eyeliner is easy to apply and easy to draw the liner with. Its smooth and doesn’t smudge.  You have to be careful not to put too much pressure on the tip of your eyeliner, so that it doesn’t crumble or whatever.

Midnight Intense Pigment Liner

bobbi brown 1The thing that I love about this product is how it has three different eyeliner colors. They are not over the top colors, not un-natural colors, but they are dark, elegant colors. I was told this was used for Fashion Week, and I can see why! It is so nice to wear and put on. It is so easy to draw with. I love this product very much.

Shimmer Lip Gloss- Gold

bobbi brown lastI carry this lipgloss everywhere with me. It is such a lush color and I can’t get enough of it! It gives off a shimmery, gold look (hence why it’s called gold lip gloss). This gloss sticks to my lips for ages and keeps my lips moist. Definitely one of my faves.



Once again, thank you Hannah, I am so grateful and can’t express how thankful I am! These products are so beautiful and would recommend these products 100%.


Hope xo


P.S. I have a notice to make,

Its been requested that I do a Q&A blog, so with your help, please comment under this blog any questions you may have so that I can answer them. I have a feeling this may be a really fun blog. Feel free to ask anything!


Makeup Haul


Recently, I have been wanting so many different makeup products that I either had ran low of or always wanting that colour lipstick, that white nail varnish but never bought.

However, my wonderful, beautiful, gifted youth leader Mieke had been collecting the makeup that she either didn’t want or didn’t use it. She then put them in this perfect little glossybox (I need to subscribe to them!) and handed it over to me at church me my sister and I. As soon as it was in my hands, I got really excited and sat out in the costa just trying on the products, ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at everything. It was totally my highlight of my Sunday and week! Thank you Mieke ❤ !

As I was looking through it, it sparked this blog post. So I have used all of these products so that I can show all of you:

glossy box

Makeup Remover Gel- La Roche-Posay

glossy box 2

This is so handy to have! It removes all of your makeup with only 2 pumps of this! Would definitely recommend this!

Revitilzing Face Toner- Kueshi

glossy box 3

I have used this and my face feels fresher, more awake and my skin has a more even look.

Nail Varnishes- Barry M

glossy box whatever

These colours are the ones I have wanted for such a long time! They are elegant, pretty colours that you can wear on a day to day basis.

Grey Eyeshadow- Fifty Shades- Marsk & Bellapierre Cosmetics

glossy box 4

These colours are so lush! They are dark and the darker you want, the more you apply to your eyes. The product also goes a long way, so this should be a long-lasting product! I think I may have to try out the Cheryl Cole style eyeshadow.

Highlighter- So Susan

glossy box 7

This highligher looks very nice on, however, if you rub it into your skin, it completely goes! But, I love how it lifts the colour on your face.

Lip Stain- KIKO

glossy box 5

I love this colour lip stain! It is such a deep red and have been wanting one for a long time. Olivia keeps hiding it away from me in her bedroom so that I don’t use it. We love the colour. It is also so easy and smooth to apply.

Lip Stick- Ted Baker

glossybox 8

This colour is a nice pinky-red. It is smooth on your lips and looks nice and plump. My first beauty product from Ted Baker- and a good impression!

Lip Stick Pencil-Mememe Cosmetics

glossy box 6

This colour is such a lovely pink, velvety colour and use this regulary. I recommend this colour very much.

Thank you Mieke! Its such a blessing!

Hope xox

Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial


Hello World,

During the summer season, I love to paint my nails many different styles and themes. A few days ago, I was looking for inspiration for something to paint on my nails. At the moment, I am obsessed with tumblr fruit wallpaper and therefore decided to paint my nails fruity! I was browsing the internet and found this photo… I wanted to try it out and here is how I painted my nails inspired by this!


I made variations in colours due to not having the same ones. The colours and equipment you need are:

red, light blue and turquoise (you can change these preferably to greens), dark brown and a bobbie pin or dotting tool.

all colours

Firstly, with my nails, I apply the red coat and go over it twice to get a rich dark red colour.

red coat

Once this coat has dried, it is time to apply the first turquoise/ darkest green. This is for the rind of the watermelon.

first blue coat

For the second part of the rind, the lighter blue/green needs to be applied but a thinner line under the previous colour.

second blue coat

Once all of the rind has dried, the finnishing touch of the watermelon is next to paint on… The seeds! The brown paint is needed.

brown nail polish

Using the brown nail polish, coat the end of the bobbie pin.

bobbie pin with brown

With the bobbie pin and the paint on the end, dab lightly on the nail to get small circles to create the watermelon seeds. The quantity of circles is up to you!

bobbie pin with nail

Once the nails are completely dry, they are ready to go!

finnished product

I really hope this tutorial has inspired and helped you. Its such an easy style to do and lush for a summer themed nail!

Enjoy painting!

Hope xxx

Beauty Haul


Firstly, Blusher Tube- Clinique

I literally use this blusher all the time! It is such a soft pink and adds a lovely flow to my face. Defiantly one of my favourites!


Then I have: Powder Foundation- Bare Minerals

haul7This Bare Minerals powder is a beautiful, soft and light powder. It covers flaws, yet still looks completely natural.

Next there is: Brush- Bare Minerals


This is a big brush and is so soft on my skin. It is great quality and use it for my powder and blusher.
I have next: Eyeshadow palette- Clinique
 This is a beautiful palette- I use this for every-day use and the colours are so natural look. I love natural palettes because I think they enhance my eyes.
To top of the eyes I have: Mascara- Clinique

I literally LOVE this mascara! It is such an amazing mascara and lasts forever. It makes my eyelashes twice as long- great buy!

And sometimes if I am feeling adventurous I may wear: Eye Liner- The Natural Collection
This is a very liquidy and easy-using eyeliner which I love! The liquid eyeliners are my favourite and was glad to find this. I think I need to use it more often!
Lastly, I top off the look I use two different types of lipsticks. The first one ofthe two are: Chubby Sticks-Clinique.
 These colours are so lush! They are moisturizing (which is great because I get such dry lips). They literally look lip glossy!
Then last, but not least, I have: Crimson Lipstick- The Natural Collection
My favourite colour is this lipstick! It is such a lovely colour and use this for all sorts of occasions!
Thank you for reading my makeup haul! I think you have all guessed I love Clinique makeup and can’t get enough of it! My next blog will be outfits I am taking to Colour Conference! (If you don’t know what it is, read my previous blog in my Faith archive.) I will blog as much as I can when I am at Colour and share with all of you about my experience and what I fell God has put on my heart.

Much of my love,

Hope xxx